Replace Head 2003 ford focus 2.01 lx

2003 Ford Focus

What type of shop would be best to get the cylinder head replaced?

I just had check engine light repair. I was told EGR valve is clogged, this is the 3rd EGR problem with this Focus, two previous valves were replaced. What can be done to minimize this reoccurring problem. I see repeated problems Ford SPI engine dropped valve seat-problems, can you please tell me how what type of specialty shop is best to diagnose this problem?

If it is the dropped valve-seat problem and the top end the valve seats come loose from the cylinder head and drop into the cylinder and if it’s in little chunks then they sometimes they can blow out your exhaust pipe and be okay and you just kind of it smokes and you have the cylinder head replaced. What type of shop would be best to get the cylinder head replaced since I think that is what I need. What type of machine shop would service machine shop cylinder head valve job? Since Is it better to get another engine that to have the cylinder had valve job done?

You can do it yourself if you have the tools and knowledge of taking off the head. However I do recommend sending out the head to a machine shop. Just about any local auto parts store will generally have an in house shop they use. So just get a hold of them and they can get you a price and turn around time. Depending on mileage would determine if I would replace the entire engine or not. Therefore I might even just replace the entire car.

Cylinder Head Replacement Labor Estimate

Labor Times
Includes: Parts transfer and adjustments.
w/AC add0.00.20.2

Cylinder Head Replacement 2003 Ford Focus