Wheel moves sideways Chrysler Concorde

2004 Chrysler Concorde

Wheel moves sideways

When I lift the front wheel up, I noticed that the wheel moves sideways. What do you think would be the cause of this? My car is a 2004 Chrysler Concorde.

First of all, checking to see if the wheels move sideways is a test that is performed to check for hub bearing failure. This sideways motion is an indication of hub bearing failure. You will need to have this repaired sooner than later. Seems like you would have heard some noise as well. Must be why you decided to inspect the front end. As a result it turned out to be a good thing you did. Probably not what you wanted to find. So at least now you know what needs to be replaced. Furthermore I have provided you with the part you need and the instructions on how to do it yourself if you have the tools.

Hub Bearing Description

The front wheel bearing and front wheel hub of this vehicle are a hub and bearing unit type assembly. This unit combines the front wheel mounting hub (flange) and the front wheel bearing into a sealed one piece unit. Since they are one unit, they are commonly referred to as the hub bearing. The hub bearing is mounted to the center of the steering knuckle and is retained by three mounting bolts accessible from the rear of the steering knuckle. The hub flange has five wheel mounting studs.

The wheel mounting studs used to mount the tire and wheel to the vehicle are the only replaceable components of the hub bearing assembly. Therefore, the hub bearing is serviced only as a complete assembly.

hub bearing 2004 chrysler concorde

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Hub Bearing Operation

The hub and bearing has internal bearings that allow the hub to rotate with the driveshaft and tire and wheel. The five wheel mounting studs mount the tire and wheel, and brake rotor to the vehicle.