Test CMP sensor on 2001 Ford Taurus

2001 Ford Taurus

How do I check CMP sensor on 2001 ford taurus 3.0 overhead valve vulcan motor with two wire connector. Can you show a wiring diagram also?

CMP Testing 2001 Ford Taurus
PCM terminal coneectors


  • Make sure the battery is in good working condition and fully charged
  • Turn ignition and all accessories off
  • Ensure PCM is connected
  • Using a DVOM, backprobe and measire A/C voltage between PCM harness connector CMP and PWR GND terminals
  • Start the engine and vary engine speed. When A/C voltage varies more than .1 volt, check CMP sensor for correct installation
  • If CMP sensor is correctly installed, replace PCM
  • If voltage does not vary more than .1 volt, repalce the CMP Sensor