Ignition Coil 2006 KIA Sportage LX 2.7l V6

2006 KIA Sportage

How difficult or easy would it be to replace the ignition coil?
specifically the coil for cylinders 3 and 6?

The labor time for replacing an ignition coil is 0.6 hours.

On the 2.7L engine it appears as though there is one ignition coil.

ignition coil 2006 kia sportage

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Ignition Coil Replacement – 2006 KIA Sportage2.7L engine

1.Remove engine cover.
2.Disconnect spark plug cables and electrical connector.
3.Remove ignition coil.

ignition coil removal 2006 KIA Sportage

To Install:
1.Install ignition coil.
2.Connect spark plug cables and electrical connector.
3.Install engine cover.