Door Lock Binding 1996 K1500 suburban 4×4 all power

Chevy Suburban

My Suburbans right rear door will not lock manually or with power. I had to replace the inside handle/lock assembly because the lever had fallen inside the door. I can lock by vice grips on the lock rod. I can unlock manually with inside lever but it feels like it’s in a bind when locking with vice grips, it’s easy unlocking but stiff locking.

Door Lock Binding

If it feels like something is binding then it most likely is. You will need to take it back apart and determine the cause.  Disconnect the rod and see if the lock mechanism can now be moved easily in both directions. If you find the lock can now lock and unlock without the rod connected, work from there until you determine the cause. May be rust or an improper installation or even something dropped inside.

door lock diagram 1996 Chevy Suburban