Leak in my clutch cylinder 1998 Isuzu hombre

1998 Isuzu Hombre

I have a leak in my clutch cylinder that holds break fluid to assist my clutch so I can shift my gears. If it gets low then I have to refill it and pump my clutch and make sure it is topped off so I can drive my truck. Once I do that and start driving and shifting it is fine. But now every time I go do drive my truck I have to do this. Where could I be leaking fluids? I can not see it up top by where I fill the container. Could it be a leak in the line or tubing? please help me. Thank you.

Leak in my clutch cylinder

There is definitely a leak if you keep having to add fluid each day. There is no leak if you only had to add fluid the one time. Having to pump it up is from air being in the system. Bleeding the system of air would correct the issue of having to pump the clutch. If you do conclude you have a leak you will need to repair it. Follow the hose from where you fill the fluid downward to see if it is wet or dripping. Then look lower toward the underside of the transmission. The slave cylinder is leaking if the hose looks and feels dry and you see fluid dripping from underneath the transmission. Therefore I have looked up the exact fit parts for your 1998 Isuzu Hombre and double checked to make sure they would fit.

1998 Isuzu Hombre Clutch Hose

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1998 Isuzu Hombre Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder

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clutch slave cylinder 1998 isuzu hombre

Clutch system bleeding

NOTE: Bleeding air from the hydraulic clutch system is necessary whenever any part of the system has been disconnected or the fluid level (in the reservoir) has been allowed to fall so low, that air has been drawn into the master cylinder.

  • Fill master cylinder reservoir with new brake fluid conforming to DOT 3 specifications
  • Have an assistant fully depress and hold the clutch pedal, then open the bleeder screw
  • Close the bleeder screw and have your assistant release the clutch pedal
  • Repeat the procedure until all of the air is evacuated from the system
  • Check and refill master cylinder reservoir as required to prevent air from being drawn through the master cylinder
    NOTE: Never release a depressed clutch pedal with the bleeder screw open or air will be drawn into the system.
  • Test the clutch for proper operation.