Dec 022018

 Dodge Grand Caravan

OK, so I’m away deployed and my wife took her 2010 caravan in to replace all shocks and coils. After that was complete she noticed that there was a banging noise while she is driving coming from the rear driver side. She took it back to the shop and was told they couldn’t find anything. As she told this to me I advised her to take it back. So they looked again and found a broken bolt on the plate that bolts to the frame. They tried to get it out but couldn’t so they welded it. As soon as she got it back she noticed the noise is still there. I’m thinking it’s the shock is defective from factory but the shop says it can’t be. What are your thoughts. Thanks

First, Thank you for Serving!

If the noise was not there before you took the car in and now there is a noise. Keep taking it back until they correct the issue. If they are unable to hear the noise, have them ride along so they are addressing the noise that is heard by the driver. It can be frustrating to keep going back to the same shop but that is the only way to keep the cost from going up.

Taking the vehicle to another shop is an option but the original shop is the one that warranties the work they did. This means you would be on the hook for paying the second shop to fix the issue. And once another shop works on it, the warranty may be void.

It would be easy enough for the shop to remove the shock in question and test drive it to see if the noise goes away. Talking the shop into it may be tough, but would be worth a try.

My advice would be to keep taking it back until you are satisfied.

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