Jan 112019

Dodge Avenger

My shift solenoid is leaking out all of my transmission fluid, I have replaced the gasket but it still leaks, what should I do?

Shift solenoid is leaking

You will need to inspect to see exactly where the leak is coming from. The cover may be damaged. The gasket may not be sealed. The transmission may be cracked. Look where the bolts get tightened for cracks as well.

*Note – Fluid does not travel uphill.

The Solenoid/Pressure Switch Assembly (1)>>> is external to the transaxle and mounted to the transaxle case. The assembly consists of four solenoids that control hydraulic pressure to the LR/CC, 2/4, OD, and UD friction elements. The reverse clutch is controlled by line pressure from the manual valve in the valve body. The solenoids are contained within the Solenoid/Pressure Switch Assembly, and can only be serviced by replacing the assembly.

The solenoid assembly also contains pressure switches that monitor and send hydraulic circuit information to the PCM/TCM. Likewise, the pressure switches can only be service by replacing the assembly.

Transmission Solenoid Switch Assembly

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