2003 Chrysler Sebring engine does not turn over

Chrysler Sebring

Engine cranks but will NOT turn over. Changed battery, and got P1684-ECM reset code, no other codes follow. Check engine light flashes 5 times after initial “on” position. Not sure how to calculate the flashes. Need to know the flash count calc. Please advise.

Ok, I’m thinking that the PCM…aka engine computer….is either “shut down” by a shorted sensor or this is an indication that the PCM will need replacing.

Try unplugging the cam sensor. This is located on the passenger end of the front cylinder head. Crank the engine over for a minimum of 10 seconds with the cam sensor unplugged. I’m looking to see if the engine will start this way…….that is why you need to crank it so long.

P1684 CHRYSLER – Battery Power To Module Disconnected

Possible causes

  • Battery was recently disconnected
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM) was replaced or disconnected
  • Faulty Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM) harness is open or shorted
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM) circuit poor electrical connection

Malfunction Indicator Lamp, Diagnosis & Testing

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is located on Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC). The MIL informs driver that an emission system fault has occurred and that engine control system requires service. The Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors MIL control circuit for conditions that are incorrect for commanded state of MIL. For example, a failure condition exists if ECM detects low voltage when MIL is commanded OFF, or high voltage when MIL is commanded ON.

Any MIL requesting DTCs that may be set should be diagnosed first.

1. Understand and validate customer concern. Inspect visible system components for obvious damage or conditions that may cause concern.

2. Inspect for related bulletins, recall/field actions and preliminary information.

3. Verify symptom is not exclusively a mechanical concern.

4. Connect a suitably programmed scan tool, perform Vehicle DTC Information function and verify at least one control module communicates with scan tool.

5. Verify there are no control module Internal hardware performance DTCs set.

6. Ignition ON, command MIL ON and OFF with scan tool. MIL should turn ON and OFF as commanded.

7. Ignition ON, command MIL ON and OFF with a scan tool while observing following control circuit status parameters:

a. MIL control circuit low voltage test status.

b. MIL control circuit open test status.

c. MIL control circuit high voltage test status.

d. Each parameter should toggle between OK and Not Run or Not Run and OK.

8. Ignition OFF, disconnect MIL electrical harness connectors. Ignition ON, MIL should not illuminate. If MIL is illuminated, test MIL control circuit terminal for a short to ground. If circuit tests normal, replace cluster.

9. Ignition ON, connect a 3A fused jumper wire between MIL control circuit terminal and ground. MIL should illuminate. If MIL does not illuminate, test MIL control circuit for a short to voltage, or an open/high resistance. If circuit tests normal, replace MIL bulb.

10. If all circuits/connections test normal, replace ECM.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM) 1999-2007

Anytime the PCM is replaced the VIN and vehicle mileage must be programmed into the new PCM. If the PCM is not programmed, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) will set. To program the PCM, connect a DRB or suitably programmed scan tool to the Data Link Connector (DLC) and follow scan tool manufacturers instructions. On models equipped with the Sentry Key Immobilizer System (SKIS), program secret key as follows:

If the PCM and the SKIM are replaced at the same time, all vehicle keys will need to be replaced and programmed to the new SKIM.

  1. Turn ignition switch on and place transmission in park/neutral.
  2. Use scan tool and select THEFT ALARM, SKIM then MISCELLANEOUS.
  4. Program vehicle four digit PIN into SKIM.
  5. Select COUNTRY CODE and enter correct country.
  6. Be sure to enter correct country code. If incorrect country code is programmed into SKIM, SKIM must be replaced.
  7. Select YES to update VIN (the SKIM will learn the VIN from the PCM).
  8. Press ENTER to transfer secret key (PCM will send secret key to SKIM).
  9. Program ignition keys to SKIM.