Wheel speed sensor 2007 Lexus IS 250 AWD

2007 Lexus IS250

Where is the tone ring or reluctor ring located for the left front speed sensor is it in the wheel bearing or on the half shaft?

Did some research on the internet and through several auto repair manuals to reach no exact answer. An actual visual inspection will be necessary for this one. Follow the speed sensor wire to its location at the wheel.

According to Amazon the correct hub bearing does not have the speed sensor & internal ring.

However the Mitchell Manual diagram indicates shows the speed sensor and ring internal with only and external plug.


The Motor Manual shows the vehicle calls for part#89542-30270 which would require an external speed sensor ring. Usually found on the cv-shaft, rotor or back of hub bearing.


Chilton Manual had no useful information in regards to this question.

Looked up the parts for the AWD at Lexus Site:  MYLparts.com and it appears the external ABS Speed sensor ring would be external.