Jul 122019

2001 Chevy Silverado

Replaced ignition lock cylinder and housing security light came on. Reset the passlock, now it cranks but won’t start. And I still have to take the key in and out and play with it to work even though I have a brand new switch. Also when we shut the door the odometer and battery light stays on. It stays on while driving the battery light.

I am thinking the when you turn the key and it will not crank that may be getting to the starter but not cranking. (bad starter) and it is just coincidental that playing around with the key appears to be the solution to get it to crank. This is assuming the ignition key does not have a chip in it.

The good news is that you can test to see if this is the case. Confirm a good battery ground on the starter. Have someone hold the ignition key in the start position the next time it will not crank. Then check for battery positive at the “S” terminal. If you see battery positive, replace the starter.

The battery light being on while driving would indicate and fault in charging the battery. This can be from a bad cell in the battery, poor connections between the battery and alternator or a faulty alternator.

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