Code P0713 ’10 Kia Soul 2L 4speed auto

KIA Soul

Have pending p0713 limp mode after while lights up check engine, replaced temp sensor, plugged in diff pcm, still persists. Probed wires, #5(-)/#6(+) temp sensor only .02v from plug at trans #1-10 female end, but if I check them separately +/- they check out 4v++ from pcm etc, like #6(+)&#7(-)ground that’s for solenoids. Power seems to get there but that #5/6 together not showing more than .02mv, could be some module, plug, relay between pcm and trans plug, etc? Please help me figure out what’s possibly might be going on here. Thanks

I did find a TSB for this code P0713. It refers to the oil temperature sensor. Not sure if its applicable but wanted to share just in case.

TSB #043