Engine flooding out after started Nissan Altima 2.5l

Nissan Altima

Hi there, my 2005 Altima will flood out the spark plus and the cambers with raw gas. I’ve changed the fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel line, and the ignition coils but seem to still have the same issue. Could it be a problem with the starter or timing chain? I’m just a little stuck because I did take the car to a mechanic and had them run a diagnostic and they thought they located the issue and change my air mass intake boot because it has a crack, I’m guessing they believed maybe a vacuum leak was the culprit but the car still floods out every time after I eventually get it started.

The first step would be to pull any existing trouble codes that may be stored in the computer. Then post them so we can dig deeper into the reason the codes may be stored. It may be a vacuum leak or a faulty sensor. An ECT sensor may be signalling to spray more fuel than needed. But instead of guessing, lets look at the codes first.