Jul 032019

 Honda CRV

My 2011 Honda CRV EX AWD started making knocking sound on bumpy roads from the driver’s side front wheel. Also, the front used to vibrate at speeds of around 25 to 30 mph and goes away when I accelerate. I replaced both Front Sway Stabilizer Bar End Links. The vibration remained the same and the knocking sound went away for less than a week but then returned again with now strong knocking sound from the same area on bumpy roads and now also when making left turns or slight left adjustments on straight roads. The knocking sound is less or not heard when turning at a very slow speed. Sometimes you hear a knock when I sit in the driver seat but not all the times. No knocking sound when I make any right turns. Please note that the car has newer tires and the brakes and rotors were replaced a few months before this situation developed.
What do you think is the issue hear? I read about Ball Joints, CV Joints and Tie Rods. Please advise.

My initial guess would be a strut related issue for the knocking. However you may have two separate issues here. One would be the knocking noise and the other the vibration.


Generally with a vibration that comes and goes with accelerating is tire related. This is most often due to the tires being out of balance but can also be caused by a busted belt in the tire. A quick test can be done by rotating both front tires to the rear. Then test drive again to see if the vibration seems to moves. Usually the vibration is felt in the steering wheel if the front tires are at fault. And felt in the seat when the rear tires are at fault.


Diagnosing a noise can be difficult. Here an article I wrote they may be helpful.

  • https://freeautomechanic.com/auto-repair.html

One thing you can do. With the car in park, engine off, push on the front end to simulate a bouncing movement. Listen for the knocking noise. You may ask a friend to assist so that one is bouncing the front end and the other is listening for the noise. Then investigate further once the area is problem area is discovered.

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