Jul 292019

Lincoln Towncar

I need help. Almost a week ago while I was actively driving my 2008 Lincoln Town Car Signature L {which has 400,000 miles on it}, the only reason I noticed something was wrong, was because, the car started slowing down on its’ own, one digit at a time. Pressing the gas pedal no longer did anything. However, 100% of everything else about the car was acting perfectly normal and flawless. The dash still looked 100% normal. All the lights on the dash were functioning perfectly normal. There wasn’t even a check engine light, or any other type of warning light whatsoever. I allowed the car to coast until it stopped on its’ own. And it will no longer start; it only cranks. I had it towed to my house, and have since installed so many brand-new parts, that, it’s unbelievable. Approximately three days prior to this incident, I installed all brand-new factory Motorcraft platinum spark plugs, all brand-new factory Motorcraft ignition coils, and a new fuel filter. The car was running as flawless as silk. Plugging a cheap scanner into the car while the key is in the ACC position yields absolutely no information whatoever. Since this incident occurred, the following are all the brand-new parts I have installed:
Interstate battery, factory Motorcraft fuel pump, EGR valve, MAF sensor, fuel pressure sensor, crank position sensor, camshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel relay, ignition coil relay, and pcm relay, and, the rest of the fuses look flawless. The car STILL will not start!!!!! It only cranks!! My only last resort is to assume that the computer died, which would be unbelievable. Is there anything else I am missing? Ford Motor Company made the bastardized decision to permanently discontinue ALL Lincoln Town Car computers!!! I don’t want to install a used computer. I want to find someone who will remanufacture the original computer with 100% brand-new circuit boards. Most PCM companies only fix the sections that became defective, and leave the working sections alone. This means they are actually mixing old parts with new parts!!! This is an obscene SCAM!!!

It is best to figure out what the engine is not getting and concenrate on that area. An engine needs 4 things to run.

  1. Spark
  2. Fuel
  3. Compression
  4. Timing – all the above at the right time

In most cases if you are not getting both spark and fuel(Injector Pulse) the computer or computer fuse is at fault. Spraying starting fluid in the air filter should be an easy test to tell if you have spark.

We have taken the time to develop a step by step No Start diagnostic chart for occasions such as this one. Select the chart image on the page to enlarge it for better viewing.

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