Should my warranty cover the problem 2015 Infiniti Q40

2015 Infiniti Q30

I purchased a used 2015 Infiniti Q40 in November 22, 2018 with 39, 454 miles. To the date the mileage on the care is 45,801 miles. I don’t drive the car often as I have another car that is my primary car. About two weeks ago I noticed that my tire pressure, traction and brake lights started coming on each time I drove it. That prompted me to reach out to my warranty company because I’m thinking this is something electrical. Needless to say they refer me to a dealer to have the car inspected and I do just that.

The Dealerships Response

The findings were that the issue wasn’t mechanical but instead that my rear brakes were so worn down that they were beginning to cut into my rotors. They also said that my drive belt was severely worn. Per the advisor at the dealership these are issues that happen around the 25,000 mile mark and I haven’t even made it to 10,000. I am instantly upset because based on this information it sounds as though these were issues that were overlooked by the dealership that sold me my car.

The Question

My question is from a professional standpoint is it possible to wear down rear brakes and rotors and a drive belt in 9 months only haven driven the car 6,347 miles or are these pre-existing issues? I am very clear that the car is used and there can be general wear and tear but of this magnitude in this period of time? I was also informed by three different reps at the purchasing dealership that my brakes and rotors were flagged on the inspection report.

A used component is not going to last as long as a NEW component.  If the vehicles brakes were NEW and the belt was NEW to begin with I could see the issue. However this is more of a “what is covered under the warranty” issue. I’m guessing if the dealership would like to continue your business relationship they may offer to wave the labor cost of the repair but I can not speak on their behalf.