Clanking noise when put in gear 2007 Ford Five Hundred


what could cause my car to sound like clanking wind when put into gear ?(engine turns over and runs great BTW) and does not seem to be fully engaged into gear. When I jacked up both front wheels to inspect the CV joints, drive lines, wheel bearing ECt, if I rotate each wheel fwd and rvs. As soon as I set it down and put into gear it will engage but the slightest bit of stress pops it out of gear.?? Thank you and what can I do to figure it out?

Close to checking what I would but go a step further. Jack the car up and put it securely on jack stands so that the wheels can move freely. Put the car in gear while on jack stands and inspect.

Sounds like the cv shaft is damaged or not seated completely.

Has the vehicle been worked on recently??