Oct 112019

1984 Dodge Ramcharger

My headlights, taillights and dash lights are all not working. There is power to the fuse but not the switch.

With power going to the fuse and no power coming from the fuse, the fuse itself is bad or the wiring from the fuse to the switch is bad.

There is more than one fuse that will need to be checked as well.

  • Fuse #3 (15 amp) is for the turn signals working through the hazards.
  • Fuse #5 (15 amp) is for the turn signals and tail lights
  • Fuse # 8 & #9 (25 amp) are for the head lights and brake lights
  • Fuse #2 (5 amp) is the dash lights

Lights Wiring Diagram 1984 Dodge Ramcharger

lighting wiring diagram 1984 Dodge Ramcharger

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