No Start 2011 Chevy Traverse

2011 Chevy Traverse

I recently replaced the ECM in my Traverse. It was driving and running good. I went to give it gas to pull a mountain and it went into a lower gear and would not shift out. By the time I got to the top of the mountain it was running hot. After it cooled off, I started it and headed home. After driving about 4 miles it died again (not hot) and now it will not start. I can turn the key over and it sounds like a car with a dead battery trying to start. My battery amp goes to 0 and the lights dim, but the battery is brand new. What could be causing my problems?? I’m scared to death the engine is locked up

It is possible that the alternator is failing to charge the new battery. Or the alternator belt came off. You would have lost power steering if that was the case though. I would start off by fully charging the battery and checking the battery cable connections. If you are hearing a bunch of clicks (click, click, click, click) when trying to start the engine, that would indicate a weak battery. One HARD Click would indicate a faulty starter. No Noise at all would indicate dead battery or loose connections or bad starter relay. In any case we have developed a step by step chart to assist in diagnosing a no start condition.