Renault Megane2 1.5dci 2006 No Start


Greetings, been struggling with a no start over 6mo. Problem 2.8v to injectors, no pulse, no power to crankshaft sensor. Just swapped the ecu. Still the same problem plus another problem that disturbs me. Glow plugs now only receiving 6v with ignition on instead of 11v. The glow plug control module has 2 small wires coming from the ecu, one with 12v , the other 11v. Also red wire in center 12v. Plus the 4 plug wires. Don’t know if this is because of the ecu swap or the control module is bad. Can I rewire this module somehow to get the 11v to the plugs? Please help. Thanks

I have limited information covering Renault vehicles. So I will go ahead and post this so others can respond in case they have some in site into this issue.

As for wiring the plugs direct from the battery I think you would need some kind of shut off switch so once it started you could cut power to them as they only need the glow plugs for starting.