Oct 072019

transmission fluid leak

How can I tell if my transmission blew in my truck or if its just a broken line?

This is what happened…

I drove my truck about 3 weeks ago around the block it had NO issues shifting or driving or anything realistically. I was driving my truck because it was having a bit of idling issues before and was not popping up any codes. It just idled funny and kept doing that so i parked it till i had time to look at it. I started my truck. It started just fine,  no issues and the idling had just happened to disappear on its ow. So to really see if it had gone I took it around the block came back.

Then put it in reverse again with no issues, no hesitation, no clunking, nothing just a smooth shift into reverse. I parked it opened my hood smelled something sweet ( i was aware i was leaking antifreeze and no my reservoir was not empty. I always kept it full, so I looked around and I did happen to see a small burst of white smoke.

Then I looked under my truck saw my truck was COVERED in some type of liquid on the driver side front (just the driver side front by my tire) so i shut my truck off and went under to find out what it was. It was red fluid and was the transmission fluid. I went to move my truck the other day and when it turned over it made a yucky sound so i immediately shut it off looked under my truck again and sure enough it was COVERED again same spot. I looked in the transmission reservoir. It still has transmission fluid in it. Does this mean my transmission is blown?? or does this sound like a broken line? please let me know!!…



To answer your first question the transmission is still functioning as it should. So this would indicate the transmission internally is OK. However you have an external leak that will need to be addressed. It could be as simple as a leaking hose or connection at the radiator. The transmission cooling lines attach to the radiator and sometimes wear, crack and leak.

To answer your last question would be the transmission is not blown. When a transmission is blown it means it will no longer function (shift or move the vehicle). Your vehicle just has a transmission leak that will need to be fixed before you drive it too much. Keep the transmission fluid level topped off being sure not to over fill it. Check it often if you intend to drive it at all.

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