Engine died on the highway Dodge Stratus

2005 Dodge Stratus

My 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT with a 2.4L engine died on the highway running 65 70 miles an hour over just over a week ago. And after I pulled spark plugs, the spark plug threads had a lot of oil on them. 3 weeks prior to that I had what I thought was overheating radiator. I blow back in the reserve tank about a quart of water resolve that issue and it sounds like it is sucking through a sponge. Now my battery is dead.

Follow the steps in the no start diagnostics chart that is available for free right here on this site.

Oil on spark plugs

Finding oil on the spark plug threads would just be an indication of a leaking gasket. Most likely the valve cover gasket is at fault. This would not cause the engine to die unless you ran it completely out of oil.

The battery being dead could be from age or it not being charged from a faulty alternator. You may charge it fully and then test it with a battery load tester. In most cases a battery will not last longer than 4 years. Jump starting the battery will shorten its life cycle as well.