Dec 072019

 Ford Taurus

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus GL. Recently, Car dies randomly….so far when just at low speeds & when turning steering wheel to left just a little bit. In panic, even with the car in drive, I turn the key and it starts again. What could that be?

I took it to the mechanic & no OBD codes were found.

Alternator is good & Battery is brand new with clean tight connections. All ground cables going from engine to battery have been cleaned.

Mass-air flow sensor contacts have been cleaned.

To check next,
fuel pressure (at idle it should be around 30-35PSI. On a light to moderate throttle, it will dip slightly to 25-30 PSI.)

Check Cam shaft resistance sensor.

check fuel pump

bad fuel filter?

bad distributor cap?

dirty air filter?

dirty catalytic converter?

Fuel pressure should increase on moderate throttle. Wouldn’t hurt to replace fuel filter and recheck fuel pressure readings. The Auto Repair Manual shows the fuel pressure should be 35 – 45 PSI. So I’m thinking the fuel pressure regulator is at fault.

Fuel Pressure Specifications – Chilton Manual

Description Specification
Engine Running

180-310 kPa

26-45 psi

Key On Engine Off

255-297 kPa

37-43 psi

Check the vacuum hose leading connected to the fuel pressure regulator first. Replace if cracked or brittle and test. If the hose is good, replace the fuel pressure regulator and test. Still not enough pressure, replace the fuel pump.

Fuel Pressure Regulator


  1. If removing fuel pressure regulator (9C968) with fuel injection supply manifold (9D280) installed in vehicle, perform Fuel Charging System Pre-Service Procedure and Fuel Pressure Relief procedure as described.
  2. Disconnect vacuum hose at fuel pressure regulator.
  3. Remove the power steering hose bracket.
  4. Remove fuel pressure regulator from fuel injection supply manifold and discard used sealing O-rings and face seal.


  1. Install fuel pressure regulator into fuel injection supply manifold using new sealing gaskets, O-rings and face seals. Tighten fuel pressure regulator to 25-34 Nm (19-25 lb-ft).
  2. Install the power steering hose bracket.
  3. Connect vacuum hose to fuel pressure regulator.


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