2005 Honda Accord 4 door sedan 6cyl wipers and radio wont work

2005 Honda Accord

I recently replaces the ignition lock cylinder and had key programmed to car. Now I can’t use my windshield wipers nor Radio. I have checked the fuses and all look good. Any suggestions. Thank You.

The first thing I like to do when I have more than one electrical feature no longer working is to look for a common between the two. I will pull up a wiring diagram for each circuit and look for a common fuse, ground or relay. And of course any recent work done is a good place to look as well. I would think Fuse #7 would be the culprit. Fuse #7 supplies power to the wiper switch and Navigation display(also radio display I think) and the immobilizer which has to do with anti-theft which may have been an issue caused when reprogramming the key.

What to check:

  • Fuse 5, 7, 10 & 32. No need to check fuse 22 or 23 as the car wouldn’t start if they were bad.
  • PGM-FI Main Relay 2

Windshield Wiper Motor Wiring Diagram


Windshield Wiper Switch Wiring Diagram


Radio Wiring Diagram