AIRmatic problems Mercedes Benz S430 2004

2000 Mercedes S430

Airmatic relay and fuse do not have power. All other fuses have power. Why would these two things not be supplying power?

Could be a faulty connection or faulty module. Check the wiring for continuity. Use the provided diagram below to help assist in understanding the circuit.



Wiring Diagram Legend
  • N51 – AIRmatic Control Module
  • A9/1 – AIRmatic compressor unit
  • A9/1m1 – AIRmatic compressor motor
  • A9/1y1 – AIRmatic pressure reduction valve
  • K40/7 – Fuse and Relay
  • K40/7kO – Air Compressor Relay
  • K40/7f32 – Fuse 32
  • X4/10 – Terminal block and fuse box (circuit 30 and 61)
  • X4/10f3 – Fuse 3
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