Volt Light Came on 2004 Buick LeSabre/custom

Buick Lesabre

I bought this car a month ago. Left for work today, the “volt” light and “service engine soon lights” came on. I could fire and start the car, but I could not keep it running…Running ROUGH!! I got dropped off at home via a flatbed tow truck and $190.00 bill. I am now carless. PLEASE help,with any ideas you may have Thank You

The light you refereed to as the “volt” light illuminates to let you know the battery is not longer being charged. When this happens the cars engine and computer system run solely on whats left in the battery. The engines computer will not operate correctly on just the battery volts when weak and will not function correctly. When this occurs the service engine soon light will illuminate as well.

What Should I do Now?

Check to make sure the alternator belt is still on. Replace the battery if it is 4 years old or older. Check the connections for corrosion and clean if needed. Test/Check inline fusible link located in the Black wire going tot he alternator. See wiring diagram below for reference. Test/Replace alternator.

How to replace alternator – 2004 Buick LeSabre

  1. Disconnect battery negative cable.
  2. Remove drive belt.
  3. Remove fuel injector sight shield.
  4. Remove fasteners securing alternator brace.
  5. Remove alternator brace.
  6. Disconnect wiring harness connector from alternator.
  7. Reposition protective boot from alternator output BAT terminal for access.
  8. Remove alternator output BAT terminal nut and disconnect battery positive lead from alternator.
  9. Remove alternator mounting bolts.
  10. Remove alternator from vehicle.
  11. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
    a.Torque alternator mounting bolts to 37 ft. lbs.
    b.Torque alternator BAT terminal nut to 111 inch lbs.

Charging System Wiring Diagram 2004 Buick LeSabre