Feb 132020

Hyundai Accent

What tools are needed for fuel pump replacement? How do you depressurize line before disconnecting?

Fuel Pump Pressure

Correct Fuel Pressure measured at idle is 50 PSI

Fuel Pump Replacement Labor Time

Model Year Skill Code Factory Time LABOR Time
 Accent …………………………… 2000-05 B 0.4 0.8
Does Not Include: Drain & Refill Fuel Tank.

Fuel Pressure Relief

  1. Disconnect fuel pump electrical connector.
  2. Run engine until it stalls, then turn ignition to Off position.
  3. Connect fuel pump harness connector.

Fuel Pump Replacement

  1. Remove fuel tank cap, then tank drain plug and drain fuel.
  2. Disconnect return hose and vapor line.
  3. Disconnect fuel gauge unit connector, then the high pressure hose from fuel tank, Figs. 1 and 2.2004-hyundai-accent-fuel-pump-diagram-1
  4. Remove fuel filler and leveling hoses from tank, then the tank band retaining nuts, straps, vapor hose and fuel tank.
  5. Disconnect any remaining fuel pump electrical connectors.
  6. Remove fuel pump retaining nuts, then the fuel pump.
  7. Remove fuel pump filter.
  8. Disconnect electrical connector No. 1, Fig. 2.2004-hyundai-accent-fuel-pump-diagram-2
  9. Disconnect electrical connector No. 2 from fuel pump by heating soldered connection, Fig. 3. Do not use a flame type soldering iron.2004-hyundai-accent-fuel-pump-diagram-3
  10. Remove pump from bracket.
  11. Remove clamp and disconnect fuel hose.
  12. Then Remove rubber insulator from fuel pump.
  13. Reverse procedure to install. Electrical connector No. 2 must be soldered to ensure a proper connection.

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