Mar 062020

2012 Hyundai Elantra
Starts fine but no display on dash for transmission position (P, R, etc…), fuel level, oil temp, rpm, mph. Directional indicator on dash works and regular lights seem to work (no check engine light).

I check all fuses and found nothing wrong. Shifter is locked but can be unlocked with shift release lock. I replaced the LED headlights today and replaced burnt out license plate lights today as well.

This same thing happened a long time ago as well but dealership charged diagnostic fee and gave me the runaround thinking I knew absolutely nothing about¬†the problems in the car (said I had to replace the whole cluster, said lights were out, tried to say everything was wrong with the car, etc…). When I went to pick up the car to bring to my mechanic it was totally fine so I’m sure this is not a big problem. Car was running fine yesterday after getting it detailed.

Can you give me a possible solution?
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Not a whole lot on this particular issue out there. I would guess that if it was all working fine until you had it detailed that maybe something got unplugged by accident.

Dash light problem solved – video

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