LED Replacement Bulbs, Works instead of OEM


I’m currently driving a Sg11 sjx 2011 Vauxhall insignia CDTI eflex 2.0. I’ve had the headlight units replaced. The current bulbs aren’t bright enough they seem damaged. Can I upgrade to LEDs as the current ones aren’t bright enough? Also the daylight/sidelights are yellow and not very bright. I was told by the garage that the LEDs I’d bought weren’t suitable, can you advise please?

You may have to upgrade the electronics in order to run LEDs you bought. If the headlight assembly is discolored you may be better off spending the effort in replacing it instead of the bulbs.

LED Replacement Bulbs

This outfit called “Cougar Motor LED” headlight bulbs states that their bulbs are plug and play. Meaning you can use these in place of your original bulbs without need to upgrade your computer system.

Cougar Motor claims you can replace these bulbs out yourself in about 20 minutes. These bulbs are said to be 200% brighter than stock Halogen headlights.  Powerful turbofan with 10,000RPM provides super cooling ability. More than 50,000 hours of Brilliant continuous-light.