2016 Ford F250 Lariat 6.7 Diesel 4×4 Multiple Codes

2016 Ford F250

I recently installed a new water pump. The truck then gave 3 codes. P01C6, P0480 and P0529. No check engine light. I have driven the truck about 50 miles and the coolant temp never went above 198. The oil temp was 215 which is a bit higher than normal.

Clear out the codes and retest since the check engine light is not on right now. However, you did just work on it so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visually make sure you see the cooling fan comes on.

Ford Code P01C6

Code P01C6 Description

Fuel Pressure Sensor A Circuit High – This Diagnostic Engine Code Sets when the FLP circuit voltage is higher than calibrated threshold.

Code P01C6 Probable Causes

  • FLP circuit open
  • FLP circuit short to voltage
  • Damaged fuel pressure and temperature sensor

Ford Code P0480

Code P0480 Description

Fan 1 Control Circuit

Code P0480 Probable Causes

  • FCV circuit open
  • Cooling fan

Ford Code P0529

Code P0529 Description

Fan Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent

Code P0529 Possible Causes

  • FSS circuit intermittently open
  • Damaged FSS