Mercedes w203 c240 2002


I had faced a problem with my w203 c240 2002, when start the engine, it shows in the dashboard SRS faulty and ESP faulty and the transmission not work in right decision. I turn the ignition off and then try to turn it on, the faulty will be disappear, then after 2 mins the problems appears the same in the dashboard and the same as the transmission.
the faulty shows in the dashboard like (SRS – Check coolant level – ESP – ABS).

One Manual Shows the coolant bleeding procedure when SRS Faulty is searched. Not sure why exactly. The best first course of action would be to have the computer codes scanned. This will give a better overall view of what is going on. Just about any local car parts shop will do this for free. Yeah, they might try to sell you something, but you can say no.

A. Special tools are required to properly fill and bleed the cooling system.
B. Screw on test cap adapter to the coolant reservoir and attach the vacuum meter to the test cap.
C. Attach the venturi nozzle to the vacuum meter.
D. Close the drain and feed valve.
E. Attach the coolant feed hose to the filler container, and make sure to add at least 2 liters additional coolant to the filler container than the maximum filling capacity of the cooling system to ensure that no air will be drawn into the cooling system.
F. Insert the waste air hose into an suitable empty container.
G. Connect an air hose to the venturi nozzle and pressurize to at a minium of 116 psi.
H. Open the drain valve and a vacuum will be created in the cooling system.
I. Open the feed valve until the coolant feed hose has been filled with coolant.
J. Close the drain valve if the vacuum meter is in the green zone of the vacuum meter display.
K. Detach the air hose from the venturi nozzle and ensure the vacuum remains stable for 30 seconds. If the vacuum doesn’t remain stable check hoses and corrections, repair if necessary and create a vacuum again.
L. Open the feed valve to fill the cooling system
M. Open the drain valve if coolant is no longer suctioned.
N. Remove the vacuum meter, test cap and all of the connections.
O. Add coolant until the level is up to the bottom edge of the filler neck of the coolant reservoir.
P. Install the coolant reservoir closure cap.