2007 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L V6

Jeep Liberty

Start vehicle, run to operating temp. No voltage to radiator fan. Pulled fan relay and plugged it back in while vehicle still running. Fan begins to operate. Shut down vehicle and start it back up. Fan not working again. Repeat procedure. Fan starts to operate again. What do you think my problem is? I also switched out fan relay with blower motor relay. Blower motor works but same problem with radiator fan.

Alright, dug into the wiring diagrams and noticed there are two Fan Relays on this one. You have a High and a Low. So you may have tested one but not the other. My guess would be the Low Fan Relay is the issue. And just to mention, the fan isn’t supposed to come on at normal temperature per say. It is set to come on at the hottest point of the operating temperature. Cool the engine to the coolest point of the operating temperature and then shut off.

2007 Jeep Liberty Fan Motor Wiring Diagram