Wanna know what to ask the mechanic to check out


I just bought this 2005 Chevy Uplander LT. It’s been safeteed so I could get it registered, but I really wanna know i it’s good for a long 700 mile trip pulling a boat. The boat weighs 2800 lbs & the van is supposed to be good for 3500 lb. I HAVE pulled the boat only about 45 mile for a test run with no issue. I just wanna know what to ask the mechanic to check out so I can rest assured it’ll make the trip & back with no problem.

Thank you

There are no guarantees only warranties. What I mean by that is this. The mechanic can and will check everything you ask them to. And when they check it out everything is working just fine and as it should. Pretty much the way you drove it in. Now 200 miles later and climbing a mountain on a 110 degrees day pulling a boat and now your stuck in traffic. Anything is possible. The engine could lock up, overheat or the transmission starts to slip. Or maybe just transmission overheating. The vehicle is 15 years old and may have over 200,000 miles on it. For this reason I would recommend Purchasing AAA Insurance along with getting it checked out.

I personally carry the AAA Premier RV Plan. I am capable of checking and repairing just about anything on the vehicle but being 200 miles away from my tools doesn’t help. That is where AAA comes in. They have a plan that covers extensive tows, battery replacement and will even bring out gas should you run out. I have been a member for more than 30 years now.

No I am not getting paid to promote, just my opinion.

What to Check

Plenty of things to look at. Think of it this way. If it holds fluid or has moving parts, look at it. Examine the tread depth and tire pressure. Check and top off all fluid levels. Check all belts and hoses. Fix/repair any leaks found. Service the vehicle if needed. Have all the bulbs checked.

One of the best things you can do for yourself before going on a trip is to clean the windshield inside and out.


I am going to assume you mean it passed emissions testing. This only checks to make sure your check engine light operating system is working. It has no idea if you have a flat tire or transmission fluid leaking.