Tire rotation Land Rover Discovery 2018


I went to a LandRover dealer and among other things I asked for a tire rotation, since the front tires are more worn than the back tires. When I took the car back I noticed the good tires (from back) were installed on the left side and the worn tires on the right side. Instead of rotating them in X. I asked why and I was told the tires balance is better this way. I was surprised because I have never heard of this concept: good tires on right and bad tires on the left side. I am trying to talk with other mechanics and see their opinion. What do you think about this? Is this OK? Or sounds like a bad joke. Thank you, Michael

I recommend following the manufacturers recommended tire rotation procedure listed in the owners manual.

Listed in the free resources manual:


1.Raise and support vehicle using a suitable lift.
2.Inspect tires for wear and proper inflation pressure.
3.Remove vehicle lug nuts/studs.
4.Remove tire and wheel assemblies.
5.Rotate tires as illustrated in Fig. 1.
6.Tighten lug nuts/studs in a crisscrossed pattern.