1997 GMC 1500 sle 5.7 automatic trans

GMC 1500

up until 2 days ago the truck has been running great . then I was on freeway 70 mph temp jumped into red zone at the highest read 195. I immediately tried pulling to the shoulder when the engine shut down and lost all of my power steering . tried to restart nothing! coasted to the shoulder . i tried to restart again sounded strained so, i opened the hood and waited over an hr. for it to cool down then checked engine oil, transmission and coolant levels and the reservoir to add coolant was full but looked rusty, tried restarting and again it wouldn’t start had it towed to the house. unplugged battery to charge over night in the morning the needle hadn’t moved so there it sits what should I do now it has half tank gas,charged battery, full reservoir w/ water and coolant

Sounds like you lost your serpentine belt. This would explain the loss of your power steering. And with the belt missing the water pump would not be turning which would cause the engine to overheat quickly. And the alternator would not be charging so the battery becomes drained.

Start with the Battery

First determine if the battery is good. In most cases if a battery is run flat there is no coming back. The battery is toast. Get a new or known good battery from a buddies truck,etc. If the engine doesn’t turn over but gives a hard click, see if the engine will turn over by hand. Socket and ratchet on the crank should do for that. Follow the step by step no start chart to help assist in diagnosing the cause of the no start issue.

Replace the belt once you have determined the cause of the no start.