Parking brake cable replacement GMC Sonoma

GMC Sonoma

Is there a spring on the parking brake cable between cable and lever inside the brake drum? Right rear, passenger side. 1995 gmc sonoma, extended cab SLS, 4.3


2WD Brake Cable Replacement

  1. Release park brake.
  2. Raise and support vehicle using a suitable lift.
  3. Loosen park brake cable at equalizer.
  4. Remove front park brake cable from connector.
  5. Remove rear park brake cable adjuster from equalizer.
  6. Remove brake drums and shoes.
  7. Disconnect rear park brake cables from chassis and rear axle housing retainers.
  8. Disconnect rear park brake cable from park brake level.
  9. Collapse park brake cable locking finger at backing plate.
  10. Remove park brake cable from backing plate.
  11. Remove rear park brake cable from vehicle.
  12. Reverse procedure to install, note following:
    a. Adjust rear brake shoes (2) with a screwdriver (1).
    b. Adjust parking brake as required.


  1. Block front wheels.
  2. Raise rear axle and support rear axle with safety stands.
  3. Loosen equalizer nut, Fig. 2.
  4. Fully release park brake pedal.
  5. Tighten equalizer nut until rear wheels will not rotate without excessive force in a forward direction.
  6. Loosen equalizer nut until there is little or no drag when rear wheels are rotated in a forward direction.
  7. Lower vehicle.
  8. Remove blocks from front wheels.