Replacing Drive Axle Shaft 06 Saturn Vue


I have replaced the front driver side CV axle three times now. The joint coming out of the transmission keeps slipping and tearing the boot. When I turn the wheel all the way to the left it causes it. And also if I hit bump s in the road it tends to slip. What can be causing it to keep slipping when I know it is the right one And it is installed right.

My GUESS would be that the vehicle has been in a wreck and something isn’t lined up right underneath. Of something has failed allowing the shaft to move more than it should be. Like maybe the bearings in the hub or a broken sway bar link, etc. Other than that there may be some damage on the receiving shaft that is allowing the shaft to slip back out.



  1. Raise and support vehicle, then remove tire and wheel assembly.
  2. Remove engine splash shield, and stabilizer shaft link.
  3. Disconnect wheel speed sensor electrical connector.
  4. Insert a suitable drift through brake caliper and remove front wheel driveshaft nut.
  5. Separate outer tie rod end from steering knuckle. Do not loosen tie rod end jam nut.
  6. Separate lower ball joint from steering knuckle.
  7. Attach front hub spindle remover tool No. J 42129, or equivalent, then disengage driveshaft from hub and bearing assembly.
  8. Disengage driveshaft from transaxle using slide hammer tool No. J 2619-01, extension tool No. J 29794 and driveshaft remover tool No. J 33008-A, or equivalents.
  9. On righthand driveshaft, remove and discard driveshaft retaining ring located on splined shaft of inner tripot housing.
  10. On lefthand driveshaft, remove and discard driveshaft retaining ring located on splined transmission output shaft.
  11. On all models, reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
    a. Torque wheel lug nuts to 100 ft. lbs.
    b. Torque lower ball joint nut to 30 ft. lbs.
    c. Torque stabilizer bar link nut to 48 ft. lbs.
    d. Torque tie rod nut to 37 ft. lbs.
    e. Torque axle shaft spindle nut to 151 ft. lbs.