Red triangle light on Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90

I just bought my Volvo and it ran great the first week. until it didnt… urgent power system failure. anti skid disabled. brake system failure. at one time it said urgent transmission failure. Ive replaced the alternator with one from orilleys that was specifically for my ocean race. I also bought a new battery but im still getting the same red triangle with the error messages then roigh idle loss of power eventually dies. It is a 2006 volvo xc90 ocean race edition v8 awd.

The battery symbol would illuminate if the battery was not being charged, so no need for that service.

I would advise you to plug it in diagnostic tool before driving any further or just take it to a garage. Red triangle usually means serious failure of some system(s) or other issue.

Source: Leo Kalme


The red warning symbol illuminates to indicate that a fault has been detected that could affect safety or driveability. An explanatory message will be simultaneously displayed in the instrument panel. The warning symbol may also illuminate in combination with other symbols.

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