2007 Honda Odyssey serpentine belt routing

2007 Honda Odessy

Put a brand new gates belt tensioner on only two screws now my new belt for it to big. Right pattern for the belt and right belt. I am stumped.

Did the belt fit with the old tensioner?

Lay the new belt on top of the old belt to make sure they are the same size. Next do the same with the tensioner. Then double and triple check that the belt routing is correct using the provided diagram provided or the decal under your hood. In most cases when this issue comes to light, the cause if from incorrect routing of the belt.


The accessory drive belt tensions listed below does not apply to systems with automatic belt tensioners. Belt tension listed in the belt tension charts are typical and should only be used as a guide.
On models equipped with Delco-Remy CS130 or CS144 alternators, exceeding 100 lbs., of drive belt tension could result in damage to the alternator.
When installing drive belts, the belt must grip the entire contact area of the pulley. Always install the proper size belt conforming to vehicle manufacturers specifications. Accessory drive belts must also be set to the proper tension.
When the drive belts are too loose, they may slip, tear, burn or grab and snap. Drive belts which are too tight may cause damage to the engine by causing side loading of the crankshaft, crankshaft bearings and accessories or accessory bearings. Too much tension will also stretch and weaken a drive belt. Accessory drive belt tension can be inspected using a suitable drive belt tension gauge. To inspect drive belt tension, place drive belt tension gauge at the center of the greatest belt span.
On models equipped with automatic accessory drive belt tensioners, the belt tension will automatically be set by the tensioner. Some tensioners incorporate a tension indicator band. If the belt tensioner indicator is not within the band limits, the drive belt may need to be replaced.


  1. Rotate or lift belt tensioner arm, using a suitable wrench to relieve tension from drive belt. This is a hydraulic type auto-tensioner, so you must turn wrench slowly.
  2. Remove drive belt.
  3. Clean pulleys and inspect for any bent or damaged pulleys.
  4. Reverse procedure to install.

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