Code P0507 present 2005 Mitsubishi 380

2005 mitsubishi 380

Are the engine codes I received
So, i brought the car with a known oil leak, (rocker cover gasket)
A mechanic fixed said problem above now driving 10ks or less after the mechanic ‘fixing’ my problem then codes arise people are saying it’s a 02 sensor but I think it’s quite coincidental that a sensor failed right after my gaskets been ‘fixed’ some people say a vacuum leak I’m just confused and don’t know where to turn to I have a child with special needs so a car to us is urgent I hope this is probably the last place I turn to for advice I’m so mentally drained and so is my wallet haha

Mitsubishi Code P0507 – Idle Control System High RPM

  • Mitsubishi Code P2189 – Too lean at idle (Bank 2)
  • Mitsubishi Code P2187 – Too lean at idle (Bank 1)

All these codes are coming on for the same ONE reason. The codes P2187 and P2189 are letting you know that the system is running a lean air/fuel ratio. The cars computer is using the signals it receives from the O2 sensors (bank1 and Bank 2) to let you know this. This lets me know that the O2 Sensors are fine and just doing there job. This lean condition is generally caused by a vacuum leak. What it means is the engine is getting too much air for the amount of fuel entering the engine at idle.

The Code P0507 is indicating the presence of a higher idle than normal during idle. This is a classic indication of a vacuum leak. And if it was not present before you took it in and was present when you picked the vehicle up from the mechanic, they may have unintentionally forgot to hook something back up. And you should call and notify them as soon as possible. Would have been best if you returned with the car immediately after picking it up but I am guessing that is not the case.

Now What?

Now if the check engine light was not on when you picked it up and didn’t come on for a week or so, I would not think the mechanics work had anything to do with it. And it would be just a coincidence. But since you didn’t even make it home( 6miles or 10ks you said) then by all means turn back around and let the mechanic know they need to recheck there work and look for a vacuum leak or something they may have left unplugged, etc.

Another thing to consider would be if the work performed has a warranty.