09 KIA Rio was stolen and now wont start

Kia Rio

My car was stolen. And now I can’t get it to start. All fuses are good. Lights come on. Radio doesn’t, ac doesn’t. I tested relay and no power at relay. If i run directly from battery starter turns. And if i I power pcm fan ac and all powered up.
But absolutely nothing on power for relay. Again all fuses are good.

Looking at the wiring diagram for the starting system(provided below) I can see a couple things that jump out. The IGN 2 Fuse, which you say is good. The starter relay which you say has no power and I am going to assume you mean activation power. So if your car does not have a factory alarm system the activation power for the starter relay would come from the START(10A) fuse that is activated by the ignition key. So that fuse or the ignition switch may have an issue.

Alarm Equipped

Now if the vehicle is equipped with a factory alarm system you will have an additional alarm relay in the circuit that appears to receive full time power from the BCM and is activated by the ignition switch power that runs through the START(10A) fuse. So the alarm relay may be the next thing to check. And of course any and all wiring harness would may need to be checked for damage done by the thieves.

2009 KIA Rio Starting system Wiring Diagram