2011 Toyota Camry LE 2.5 blowing cold air

Toyota Camry

Heater issue. The heater works great but once in awhile last year too. I get in the car, start it & start driving once the car reaches temp I notice that its blowing cold air. So first chance I get to stop somewhere I shut the car off wait a few seconds and start the car. Now its working getting good heat. Last time this happened was about 2 weeks ago. The next time could be in a week, 3 weeks, a month or more, I never know when its going to happen. I’m no mechanic but I keep thinking its something electronic.

I agree with your thinking it is something electronic. This is of course assuming your coolant level isn’t low. But yes, there is an actuator or electronic air mix control servo motor that controls the temperature blend door. This is probably the cause of your problem. Having it replaced may be the fix.

2011 toyota camry hvac diagram