Ford Mondeo 2.0tdci 2007 mk4 estate

2007 ford mondeo

I have a 2.0tdci estate 07 plate. When accelerating moderately or heavy the car shakes violently, from 40mph upwards and when under load, it stops shaking if pressing the clutch and rolling from accelerating, well start again once depressed and accelerating again. Steering wheel doesn’t shake just the whole car. I’ve taken it to a local garage and they’ve said I need a new gearbox mount ( didn’t say top or bottom ) and the lower suspension arm ( which I only changed last June. I originally thought driveshafts, but was told because there was no noise that I could rule them. What would you suggest please

I would suggest checking the engine mounts. And you can do this visually with the help of an assistant. Pull the car up to a parking block and set the parking brake. Open the hood and observe the engine movement while your assistant applies the gas pedal while in DRIVE. Have the assistant rev , hold and let off , rev, hold and let off.