Engine No Start 84 Ford Ranger

1984 ford ranger

I don’t know much about this trucks past. Motor could be out of a newer model, mileage is unknown, truck has set for over a decade. It does run with a small gas tank and pump in the bed . But to fix it properly, replaced the fuel pump inside the tank but no fuel to the injectors. No money to buy new relays or fuses so completely bypassed all of them. So pump runs constantly still nothing at injectors. No pinched lines. All grounds are good. I don’t have access to a pressure tester so unknown psi for that. Gas poured directly to motor truck runs briefly then dies, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check the fuel shut off/Inertia switch to make sure it doesn’t need reset. It is located under the passenger side dash. Then check the EEC fuse for the computer. If it is blown the injectors will not fire.

How to Test Fuel Injectors

When it comes to testing your fuel injectors there may seem like there are many obstacles in the way. Do I need to remove each injector? Do I need to unplug wiring?

Over time there has been development of different tools made for performing such tests. In my experience I have found the Quick Probe to be the quickest and most accurate for testing a no start condition.

After you replaced the fuel pump and filter you need to prime the fuel system which fills the fuel filter. This usually requires cycling the ignition key about 10 times. At this point if you have no fuel pressure on the fuel rail Shreader valve, then you have a restriction in the fuel line or kink. Trace along the fuel line until you find it.