Transmission Fluid Capacity 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan

want to do tranny flush,how much new fluid will I need?

4 qts. required for automatic transmission Fluid Service Fill according to the Auto Repair Manual. According tot he manual it is recommended to replace the transmission filter and gasket at the same time. I looked up what you need here:


Only fluids of type labeled Mopar® ATF+4 (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Type 9602 should be used. A filter change should be made at time of transmission oil change. Magnet on inside of oil pan should also be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth.
If transaxle is disassembled for any reason, fluid and filter should be changed.

  1. Raise vehicle on a hoist.
  2. Place a drain container with a large opening, under transaxle oil pan.
  3. Loosen pan bolts and tap pan at one corner to break it loose allowing fluid to drain, then remove oil pan.
  4. Install a new filter and O-ring on bottom of valve body and torque retaining bolts to 40 inch lbs.
  5. Clean oil pan and magnet. Install pan using new Mopar Silicone Adhesive sealant. Torque oil pan bolts to 106 inch lbs.
  6. Pour four quarts of Mopar® ATF+4 (Automatic Transmission Fluid) or equivalent through dipstick opening.
  7. Start engine and allow to idle for at least one minute. Then, with parking and service brakes applied, move selector lever momentarily to each position, ending in park or neutral position.
  8. Inspect transaxle fluid level and add an appropriate amount to bring transaxle fluid level to 1/8 inch below lowest mark on dipstick.
  9. Inspect fluid level after transaxle has reached normal operating temperature 180°F.
  10. To prevent dirt from entering transaxle, make certain that dipstick is fully seated into dipstick opening.