Should I Replace the Engine 2008 Honda CRV

Honda CRV

My engine is blown and I have been offered $1400 by XXXX Should I take the $1400 or should I replace the engine and is it worth it?

Did a quick search on the Blabber Book Market Place and found several 2008 Honda CRV vehicles in running condition for $2,000 or less. Even found one for $1200 2008 Honda Crv

2008 honda crv ad

I do not think you could replace the engine in this vehicle for less than you could go and buy an entire different vehicle. Labor time alone for the engine replacement is 11.8 hours. Multiply that buy less expensive shop labor of $100 per hour. And then ad in the cost of the engine. In my opinion replacing the engine is not worth it.

As for taking money from some website instead of cash in hand, that is on you to decide if you trust them or not.

2008 honda crv engine replacement labor time