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How can it be free you might wonder?

We allow advertisers to display ads on our site. When a visitor checks out an ad we receive a small percentage. This allows us to continue helping you for free. Automotive help for your car problems is now at your finger tips. So use this free online mechanic service anytime as if it were an auto repair forum.

You will see from some of the previously answered questions that the automotive advice is sound. We respond to your questions with auto repair manual procedures and or diagnostic information where applicable. Not bad for free auto repair help considering a drive to a local repair shop or dealer may cost up to $100. So ask a mechanic now, it’s 100% Free.

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Feel Free to Grab a copy of your vehicle specific Auto Repair Manual that can be viewed online and even printed if you wish. They include wiring diagrams, labor estimates, troubleshooting and technical service bulletins not to mention the step by step repair instructions with illustrated diagrams.

Sometimes we just want answers to car related questions or even some simple information. Or maybe you just need a to know what a check engine light codes mean. Whatever it is we try to cover all the topics here. And we offer you a place to ask a question if you haven’t found what you are looking for. We have even added a FreeAutoMechanic YouTube Channel. Check it out and let us know what you think.