Feb 112012


I have a problem with the one component of peugeot.

I would like to ask you, if you can halp me with this one. In this link you can see the unknown component.

It is very importent to known the name of it.

Please write me back as soon as posible.

May 012011

1998 Peugot 306 automatic. Car was running cool. Changed thermostat. Car now runs at temp, no overheating. Water was spotless before the thermostat was changed. Now lots of oil in the water. Is this causal or am I just unlucky? Local mechanic advised disabling the oil cooler – thinks it might be cracked inside. Does this make sense?

Mar 312011

i have a peugeot  307 hdi engine is sounding like a transit van when driving so loud that i would not go over 50 mph               revs read 1000 when idling    Any ideas what could be the problem