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Dec 052016

2004 Suzuki XL7How do you remove the rear axles? to replace bearings and seals.


Axle Shaft, Replace Bearings and Seals


  • Before servicing the vehicle.
  • Loosen the parking brake cable for clearance.
  • Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Rear wheel
    • Brake drum
    • Wheel speed sensor, if equipped
    • Bearing retainer nuts
    • Axle shaft and bearing
    • Axle shaft inner oil seal
  • If equipped with ABS, grind a flat spot on the wheel speed sensor tone ring, then split the ring with a chisel.
  • Grind flat spots on the bearing retainer and split it with a chisel.
  • Press the wheel bearing off the axle shaft.
  • Remove the bearing retainer and the outer oil seal.

To install:

  • Install or connect the following:
    • Outer oil seal to the bearing retainer
    • Bearing retainer to the axle shaft
    • Bearing and retainer ring pressed onto the axle shaft
    • Wheel speed sensor tone ring pressed onto the axle shaft, if equipped
    • Axle shaft inner oil seal
    • Axle shaft and bearing
    • Bearing retainer nuts. Tighten them to 17 ft. lbs. (23 Nm).
    • Wheel speed sensor, if equipped
    • Brake drum
    • Rear wheel
  • Fill the rear differential to the correct level.


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