Actuator 2006 BMW 330I E90

2006 BMW 330II have a 2006 BMW E90 330i and I have an issue with HVAC. My car is not blowing any heat or air conditioning either. My blower is working fine and all the speeds work. I have checked all the fuses and they are okay. Recently replaced a battery and had to reprogram the battery and the steering angle sensor. I can not seem to figure it out why no cold or hot air. In addition all the LED light on the HVAC control panel look fine and are all green. I just recharged the Air conditioning and its holding pressure. It is recharged consequently . I have dismantled the dash near the blower to see if any control airs were dislodged and everything looks okay. I’m looking for additional help.


Two things come to mind.

  1. The blower motor is hooked up backwards which would cause the motor to function in all speeds but not blow out the vents.
  2. A vent door or mode door actuator(flap motor) has failed. Or part of the ventilation system is clogged or disconnected.

HVAC Actuator

Your vehicle has 8 Actuators(flap motors) that are controlled by the HVAC control module. It seems like if the blower is blowing that air would be coming out from somewhere. Therefore if no cold or hot air is coming out and everything checks out, then I would conclude the Fresh Air/Recirculation Actuator has failed. In conclusion this would mean only the outside air would be blowing into the car. And failed actuator are the most common cause.